Former Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi Is The New Speaker Of The Senate

During it’s first sitting at the Kenyan Senate, the order of the day was to vote for the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker. Both Kenya Kwanza Coalition and Azimio La Umoja Coalition senators participated in the exercise that saw Amason Jeffer Kingi Former Kilifi Governor being voted as the Senate Speaker.

With 46 votes the former Kilifi Governor carried the day and will now be the new Speaker in the Kenyan Senate. To be voted as a Speaker in the Senate the Constitution states that the winner must command 2/3 of the total votes.

The Azimio La Umoja Coalition Senators boycotted the voting exercise that saw Amason Jeffer Kingi elected with majority votes.

After a successful exercise, the new Speaker was administered the oath of office. He swore to respect, protect and obey the Constitution without favour or ill will.

After the oath of office he was guided in the signing protocols that ushered to him being led to his seat as the Kenyan Senate Speaker.

He then thanked the other Senate elected members for voting for him and promised to undertake his mandate the best way possible.

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