Form One Placement Results Set To Be Released Today.

Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu [Photo | Courtesy]

On Monday, learners who took the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams will be able to find out which secondary schools they would be joining.

The form one placement and Kenya Primary School Education Assessment results will be made public by the Ministry of Education (KPSEA).

The 112 national, 776 extra county, 1,301 county, and 6,297 sub county schools will receive more than 1.2 million students who took the KCPE examinations in 2022. The 1,301 private secondary schools will welcome more students.

The number of pupils who will be admitted to the national schools of their choosing will total 2,900 thanks to the ministry’s criteria, which grants admission to ten top performers from each of the country’s 290 subcounties.

It further states that the placement will also be determined by merit, equity, and choice, with affirmative action given special consideration for national schools.

The computerized placement, according to certain education stakeholders, disadvantages some learners.

The secretary-general of Kisii KUPPET suggests that the government permit teachers to choose kids for sub-county schools so that they can choose pupils from nearby schools.

The KPSEA findings, which will be made public on Monday, will not dictate how students will move on to junior high school.

It is also anticipated that the Education Ministry would provide an update on the current evaluation of elementary schools around the nation, which will determine which establishments will house junior secondary schools in just one week.

Caxton Miungi, secretary general of Meru Central KNUT, notes, “As teachers, we want to know what would happen to kids if they claim that some schools are not suitable to host JSS.

It is also anticipated that the fees parents will be responsible for paying for their grade 7 students would be made clear, as well as if junior secondary school students will wear distinct uniforms from the other lower grades.

Parents have claimed that the free education program for lower classes should apply to the second part of the CBC.

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