For skipping Ruto’s EALA meeting, Winnie Odinga will be called before Parliament.

Winnie Odinga, the incoming MP for the EALA, could be called before Parliament to give an explanation for why she skipped President Ruto’s meeting with the elected lawmakers from the regional assembly.

On Tuesday, Manyatta MP Gitonga Mukunji stated that the lawmakers would dismiss Winnie from the EALA for missing important EALA events.

The National Assembly will be calling Winnie Odinga to explain why she skipped important meetings like the one the President called and which all members, including the son of Kalonzo Musyoka, attended.

At State House Nairobi on Monday, President Ruto met with incoming members of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

Winnie Odinga was the only one of the nine elected members that did not attend the meeting.

According to Mukunji, “all members of EALA went and saw the President and the CS in charge of the East African region yesterday. They were there to seek the mandate of our posture as a nation on the concerns of the East African Community.

“To our surprise, the young madam was not present, and I want to stress that it’s unfortunate that we still behave in ways that we are not meant to. On August 9th, the elections were over. There is no chance of returning.

Junet Mohamed, a Suna East MP, defended Ms. Odinga on Twitter by claiming that she was busy organizing for rallies that Azimio leader Raila Odinga had planned.

Junet texted Mukunji, “She is getting ready for the Kamkunji meeting,” to which Mukunji replied, “If she was getting ready for’mandamano,’ then we should have her in’mandamano,’ and send another member to go represent us in EALA.”

On December 21, 2022, the nine newly elected EALA members are scheduled to be sworn in.

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