For hunger stricken Kenyans, the Drought Response Committee has raised Ksh.542 million.

For Kenyans battling starvation, the National Steering Committee on Drought Response has raised Ksh.542 million.

The monies would be used to make cash transfers as well as food purchases for distribution, according to the committee led by Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa.

On Friday at State House, President William Ruto praised a number of organizations for stepping up to support the government’s efforts to combat the drought in the nation. We owe you; this goes beyond patriotism, he continued.

In addition to investing in agriculture to increase food production, the President stated that the government will devote greater resources to aiding Kenyans in need of food assistance.

“We must have comprehensive short, medium, and long-term plans to cope with climate change concerns,” he continued.

Major contributors include Cooperative Bank (Ksh. 150 million), Kenya Defense Forces (Ksh. 130 million), Equity (Ksh. 120 million), Kenya Commercial Bank (Ksh. 100 million), Diamond Trust Bank (Ksh. 20 million), Kenya China Economic & Trade Association (Ksh. 10 million), Dawoodi Bohri (Ksh. 10 million), Middle East Bank (Ksh. 2 million), and other deposits (Ksh.29,588).

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