Following failed abortion that resulted to a woman’s death, Her husband & 2 quack doctors arrested.

The botched operation was conducted by a suspected quack doctor identified as Richard Orambo, in consultation with another rogue doctor identified as Francis Messo. | PHOTO: DCI

A man who assisted his wife in obtaining a botched abortion that resulted in her death faces murder charges, as do two accused quack doctors who performed the bungled procedure.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Starehe conducted investigations after discovering the dead body of a middle-aged woman along Nairobi’s Outer Ring Road on New Year’s Eve.

The body was discovered in a storm drain tunnel close to a busy road, wrapped in a white bed sheet, according to the DCI.

The victim may have been murdered somewhere and abandoned at the spot by unidentified people, according to preliminary findings.

The police learned that the body had been disposed of at the spot following a failed operation.

According to a police report from Wednesday, “the officers received wind that the body had been disposed of at the spot after a botched operation conducted by a suspected quack physician named as Richard Orambo, who runs a clinic known as Watergate Medical Centre at Mathare Area 1.”

The phony physician allegedly spoke with Francis Messo, a rogue physician who owns and operates the Busanzi health center in Dandora phase 4.

The patient experienced issues, so the two decided to hurriedly transport her to a different backstreet clinic in Kiambu, according to the police report.

The patient passed away while the group was traveling to Kiambu, and they disposed of her body in the storm drain tunnel to hide their tracks, according to the report.

The three are currently being investigated for possible murder charges.

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