Flag-off Ceremony for KDF Personnels Deployed to DRC

When the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) were sent to a peacekeeping operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chief of Defense Forces Robert Kibochi asked the KDF officers to get along well with their colleagues (DRC).

Kibochi stated, “I wish you blessings as you are deployed,” during the flag-off ceremony on Saturday. You are the arrow’s point. Ensure that you get along well with your colleagues.

Kibochi reaffirmed Kenya’s extensive knowledge and experience while admonishing the officers for their suitability for the job.

As they are deployed, he reminded the officers to adhere to local laws.

Everywhere we go, people know we uphold the law. Wherever you go, respect the heads of defense, Kibochi said.

903 KDF soldiers have been sent to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to join the East African Community Regional Force, per President William Ruto’s orders last week (EACRF-DRC).

On the expedition in the Eastern DRC, Kenyan soldiers will work with those from Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Rwanda.

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