Five Easy Ways To Get Through January

January has arrived. It’s that time of year when everyone is depressed and broke from overspending on the holidays. It’s during this month that many people start to make cabbage their favorite food.

You are reminded of your recent poor decisions throughout that month. That particular month is the one that seems to go by more slowly than the others. Chapter 1 of 12 is the name of it.

The pocket is already shredded, yet obligations like paying for school, uniforms, rent, and other expenses are already piling up. There is no need to panic because January, also known as Njaanuary, the month of hunger, is already filled with that attitude.

You only need to make a sound financial plan if you want to make it through this month. You may breeze through the month by using the following advice.

Utilizing Bonga Points as payment

Through an automatic conversion, Safaricom has made it possible for users to pay for goods and services with Bonga Points. To save money, you might think about utilizing your Bonga points to pay for various services.

You only need to dial *126# and choose “Lipa na Bonga.” Enter the amount (price) in Kshs after entering the vendor’s MPESA Till Number. then confirm the purchase after entering your Service PIN.

Dial *126#, choose “Lipa Na Bonga,” then choose “Bonga Calculator” to find out how many points you’ll need to pay your bill.

The amount you want to pay or the number of points you want to redeem must be entered. The amount of points you will need to pay your account will be indicated in the response you receive.

Put spending in order of importance.

Spend your money wisely and on the things that are most important to you. You must put luxury on hold and concentrate on the fundamentals. Additionally, attempt to compare pricing before making purchases.

Reduce your expenses

Find a technique to lower your daily spending. If you live close to your place of work, walking to work is a fantastic alternative to paying for transportation. If the workplace is too far, think about taking public transportation instead than driving your automobile because it is less expensive.

Instead of purchasing airtime every day, get monthly call and text rates that are less expensive. Additionally, consider bringing lunch to work rather than dining out for lunch.

What You No Longer Use, Sell

Why go hungry when you have items at home that can make you money? Use the proceeds to take care of other expenses in your life, such as bills, by selling everything you don’t need to someone who is desperate to buy it.

Try not to move around.

Staying in could be monotonous, especially if you enjoy being outside. However, if you consider how much gas your car uses or the cost of taking public transportation, you could think about staying at home to save that extra money. Only if necessary, move about.

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