Fear Of Hyena Attacks Drives Homa Bay Residents

After hyenas attacked and slaughtered their cattle, livestock farmers and people of Saramba village in Boya, Homa Bay County, now live in fear.

At midnight on Tuesday, the hyenas broke into four homesteads and slaughtered eight sheep and a goat.

The persistent worry of being attacked by wild creatures, which they believe to originate from the surrounding Ruma National Park, was painfully conveyed by the locals.

Milton Kawino, the assistant chief for the region, claimed that while the owners were asleep, wild creatures broke into the four homesteads and destroyed the livestock.

The administrator claims that this is not the first hyena assault in the region, claiming that livestock has been slaughtered and other homesteads attacked in the last three months.

The administrator claims that after discovering animal remains inside a sugarcane plantation, they have reason to believe that local wild animals are currently hiding there.

He begged the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to assist them, citing concern that if they waited too long, the hyenas might now expand their attacks to include residents.

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