Eugene Wamalwa: If Kenyans Want To March To State House They Are Free To Do So.

Ex-Defence Cs Eugene Wamalwa has stated that no one should be hindered from participating in the Azimio la Umoja anti-government demonstration on Monday by preventing them from marching to State House.

Police personnel who will be present at the scheduled protests, in Wamalwa’s opinion, should not prevent anyone from walking toward the State House; rather, they should accompany them there to meet President William Ruto.

In his view, Kenyans should not be prevented from exercising their right to protest under Article 37 of the constitution, even if they want to march to the president’s home.

“The State House serves as the people’s house. Kenyans are free to march to State House on Monday to deliver their petition to President Ruto “He revealed to Daily Nation.

They have every right because that is their home, and Ruto needs to pay attention to them, he continued.

“They don’t need Ruto’s permission to protest, and police officers are just supposed to accompany the protestors. If they prefer to walk to the State House, welcome them and tell the President your people are at the gate, come and speak to them,” the statement reads.

Wamalwa further stated that the demonstrations will be peaceful and that the protestors who are anticipated to travel to the capital from various parts of the country have been informed of this.

“Kenyans have been invited to visit Nairobi. We are requesting that they demonstrate peacefully and individually “said he.

Wamalwa’s views, however, diverge from those expressed on Saturday by Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, who said that the opposition political group will only be sending a small number of representatives to the State House.

Odinga made it clear that the alliance would send representatives to President William Ruto instead of marching illegitimately to the mansion on the hill to voice its complaints.

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