Eric Omondi Joins Otile Brown in roasting TZ artistes

A few Tanzanian entertainers have recently come under fire from Otile Brown for flaunting fake jewelry. This came after reports that Diamond Platnumz and Mbosso had imported pricey jewels.

Brown has gained backing from Omondi, who claims that most Tanzanian musicians enjoy flashing counterfeit chains.

“Nimecheka nimeona. He declared, “Amesema msivae mabati mtapata cancer ama ni tetanus.

“Otile is right, I’m still an entertainer, and we support show business and originality,” the addendum continued. That has been a problem in Tanzania. In Tanzania, a lot of jewelry is false. Regarding Diamond, I’m unsure.

Fans believed Otile was criticizing the two WCB performers since they had recently shown off their new jewelry when he threw shade in a tweet.

“With love, mnachokesha, mabati kwenye shingo, or you remain silent. He questioned, “Hao ni watu gani mnannunua chain kwao.

He continued, “Tuelewane, y’all can’t be talking rich all the time and still rocking fugazii, inspire game, ujanja wa nini, and y’all ‘blessed’ Chain baada ya miezi kadhaa huioni tena maana imeshika kutu.”

He continued by listing several shops that sell certified chains, “Mbona tusinunue huko na sisi najua uwezo mnao.”

He went on to ask them to stop flaunting such things as young people would think life is easy, “Got youngings thinking this ish is easy and now nobody wants to put in the work. Its not bad rocking fugazi, they say, fake it till you make it.”

“Tatizo ni, if you have made it but you’re rocking it and still running your mouth. We gonna check you for the love of the game.”

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