EPRA Closes Down These Petrol Stations Selling Adulterated Fuel

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has sanctioned five dealers for market irregularities in the September 30 quarter.

Four of the indicted dealers are filling stations that sold adulterated fuel to customers as well as products intended for export.

For example, the Vivasa Energy Filling Station in Kajiado County was closed for selling diesel and super petrol laced with domestic kerosene and high in sulphur content.

Meanwhile, King Size Filling Station in Mwala had its super petrol dispensing pump sealed for the same infraction.

Delta Thika Road Service Station has meanwhile paid Ksh.500,000 in taxes and fines following the closure of its super petrol dispensing pumps due to adulteration.

The Frankstar Solution Filling Station in Bungoma County has closed its super petrol pumps because it was selling product for export.

Meanwhile, Royal Gas, based in the Industrial Area, is being investigated for illegally trading in third-party LPG cylinders.

EPRA conducted 1360 tests on 256 petroleum sites during the quarter, with 98.44% of the sites found to be compliant.

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