Embu: Robbery suspects apprehended after a swift pursuit

Residents of Karie and Kabuguri in Embu County placed a distress call to the Kiritiri police station at the crack of dawn on January 3 to report that a gang of people were carrying out a robbery in the neighborhood.

Police officers reacted quickly and pursued the suspects as they sped away from the scene in a Toyota Probox.

The drivers of the car were told to stop, but they refused, leading to a high-speed chase.

The cops had no choice but to shoot at the Probox’s tires in an effort to stop the suspects.

While the driver was captured and is currently being held for interrogation, two of the accused were able to flee on foot.

According to Inviolata Lumati, the police commander for Mbeere South Subcounty, the group—which allegedly consists of at least two more people—has been harassing local businesses for the past month and the detained suspect is assisting with the investigation.

Embu Senator Alexander Mundigi has urged the Cabinet Secretary for Interior, Kithure Kindiki, to hasten the deployment of administrative police personnel to the area in order to bolster security in view of the recent rise in criminal activities.

Residents of Karie, Kathera, and Kabuguri have also expressed concern about the high levels of insecurity in the region and asked the government to provide nyumba kumi members in their community the authority they need to report and handle situations.

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