Embakasi: Military gear & ammunition found after police raid on an apartment.

A collage of recovered ammunition by police in Embakasi on Friday, December 2, 2022. [PHOTO | NPS]

On Friday, December 2, police in Nairobi’s Embakasi neighborhood found ammunition and various government supplies in an apartment.

The National Police Service (NPS) said that the officers had responded to a tip from the general public in a statement.

Although it was unclear if they were official uniforms, the police claimed that the operation turned up military and police clothing.

Police found 25 rounds of ammo, military gear, clothing for the jungle, backpacks, boots, and helmets.

Military IDs, carrier bags, and compares were also present inside the home.

NPS resisted disclosing information about the IDs, which some members of the public thought were fake. Additionally, it was not made clear if suspects were apprehended or if a manhunt was started to find them.

Uniform discovered in an apartment was also the subject of debate, with some suggesting that it may have belonged to a “rogue officer.”

Kithure Kindiki, the interior cabinet secretary, has ordered the police to be ruthless toward offenders who terrorize the people.

Japhet Koome, the Inspector General of Officers, agreed and said that in urgent situations, police were free to draw their guns and defend themselves.

The CS issued a warning to criminals, saying, “I’m putting them on notice that if they don’t stop their criminal acts, they better leave the city and let everybody, especially traders, go about their business calmly.”

In the midst of the current crackdown on criminals, President William Ruto urged security personnel on Wednesday, November 15.

Ruto observed that common Kenyans were the most exposed to attacks by criminal groups at a meeting with regional police chiefs.

As a result, he urged police to safeguard Kenyans rather than irritate them by making absurd arrests or harassing them.

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