Elon Musk: The first World Cup game on Sunday will be broadcasted on Twitter.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, football fans around the world will be able to watch the much anticipated World Cup opener on Twitter.

The Twitter CEO said on social media on Saturday that the opening game between the hosts of the event, Qatar, and Ecuador, would be shown live on the social platform.

He continued by saying that there would be live commentary for the game.

The opening World Cup game is on Sunday! Watch on Twitter for the finest coverage & in-the-moment comments, Musk said.

The decision will be significant for soccer fans who rely on a couple of the free-to-air channels or set-top boxes for coverage, despite Musk not providing any links or hashtags to use.

Only KBC TV, a free-to-air broadcaster in Kenya, has made preparations to cover roughly 28 of the total games public.

32 teams will participate in the competition, which will begin on November 20 and last through December 18. They will play in eight groups.

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