Elon Musk: Inactive Twitter accounts may soon be deleted.

Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, has made a suggestion that inactive accounts that have been inactive for more than a year would be deleted.
Musk was responding to a request from a user who urged that dormant accounts that have ran a streak of one year should be issued a 30-day notice to log in or else be terminated. Musk has now labeled himself as “Chief Twit” on his Twitter bio.

Musk agreed and added, “Definitely.”

Since taking over the bird app last week, Musk has made significant modifications. One of the most recent adjustments involves users with verified accounts paying a monthly Ksh. 2,428 ($20) premium to maintain their blue tick badge.

The function will be included in Twitter Blue. It was introduced in June of last year as the platform’s first subscription service, and it provides monthly subscribers with “exclusive access to premium features” like the ability to edit tweets.

In April 2022, the Tesla CEO made the social media platform’s intended acquisition public, sparking months of heated debate and legal threats.

Musk eventually completed the acquisition, paying $US44 billion ($64 billion) for the company, without the case going to trial.

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