Elachi To Mwangaza: ‘Make use of your abilities as a bishop to reconcile with your MCAs’

Beatrice Elachi, a member of parliament for Dagoretti North, has come out to provide counsel to Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza, who last week just avoided being removed when a court blocked an impeachment motion against her.

This follows the governor’s Sunday comments in which she pleaded with President William Ruto to step in and restore calm to Meru.

Governor Mwangaza stated, “The Bible says blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God… ” The president was present at the interdenominational prayer session that was held at the University of Embu in Embu County. I ask God to use the president to mediate peace in Meru County.

On Monday, Elachi praised Mwangaza for contacting the Head of State to try to end the impasse in her county, but he also gave her the advice to use her skills as a clergyperson to make peace with her MCAs.

“I appreciate that she requested help from the president, but I would advise her to find the answer on her own. It only requires comprehending the County Governments Act and applying her abilities as a bishop to carry it out. Elachi claimed during Citizen TV’s Day Break program that she has excellent negotiating abilities and can utilize them to negotiate and come to an agreement.

“I think the MCAs’ perception that they were elected with her is what’s at issue here. They went about looking for votes in the same way that you did, so what they are looking for is a growth program, she continued.

Accusations of severe misconduct and misuse of power have Governor Mwangaza and Meru MCAs at odds.

A petition to remove the county executive was submitted by 68 MCAs last month, but the Meru High Court last week suspended it on the grounds that the county assembly did not follow the correct protocol while bringing the motion.

The Dagoretti North MP praised her for being “strong, resilient, and proving that you cannot just whip her away” and further instructed Mwangaza to convey her agenda to the ward members and direct them in carrying it out.

Elachi stated, “If the governor is clever, this is what you do: you come in and say, “I have the development agenda and in each ward this is what is going to go through,” but you don’t just hand it to them and tell them to go implement it; instead, you assist them through the process.

In the end, she requires them for her CIDP budget. They help her accomplish her goals in Meru County by being a part of the process.

Mwangaza made headlines just last week for her novel approach to apologizing to her MCAs, which came hours after the court blocked the impeachment action brought against her.

The governor interrupted midway during her public speeches on Ward Fund in Maua and asked the clergyman in attendance to help her apologize 70 times.

The Speaker and the other 69 MCAs received the sincere apology.

She also used the occasion to extend an invitation to a meeting where she would address the following steps with all MCAs, requesting their forgiveness if she had offended them.

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