Edwin Chiloba Was Strangled And Eyes Gouged Out

According to preliminary information presented by officers at the Langas police station, fashion designer Edwin Chiloba of Eldoret died from strangulation.

The model’s eyes were gouged out, indicating that he endured pain before passing away.

Since Edwin had no other external injuries, according to Peter Kimulwa of the Uasin Gishu County Directorate of Criminal Investigations, he must have choked to death.

Last night, police were focusing their investigations on a betrayal theory, with Jackton Odhiambo being suspected of having done the deed out of jealousy. According to reports, Jackton and his close buddy Chiloba were dating, but after Chiloba cheated on him, Jackton “felt betrayed.”

It is believed that Jackton committed the murder with the assistance of his other two buddies before concealing the body in a metal box and disposing of it along Kapsaret-Kipkenyo road.

Police are looking into the incident even further.

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