ECDE Teachers Salaries Will Be Revealed by SRC

Salaries and Renumaration Commission Chairperson Lyn Mengich during the a press briefing over housing allowance for the Members of Parliament in Nairobi on May 16,2019.Photo/Enos Teche

The Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) instructors are reportedly poised to earn less than the minimum wage, which is restricted at Ksh.15,120, as a result of a proposed remuneration structure modification by the state agency, but the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has denied this claim.

SRC described the research as misleading in a statement on Tuesday, saying that its writers utilized basic pay rather than the gross compensation to determine how much money ECDE teachers will make if the salary increases are put into effect.

“The reports were false since they were based on basic salaries rather than gross salaries. SRC hereby clarifies that in December 2021 it recommended that the lowest cadre of ECDE teachers based in Nairobi (Cluster 1) receive a gross salary between Ksh 14,961 and Ksh 15,842, while those in Cluster 4 (other areas) receive a gross salary between Ksh 13,211 and Ksh 14,092 ” As per the SRC statement.

“This suggestion took into account the wage bill for county governments’ affordability and budgetary sustainability. On 13 January 2023, SRC clarified its earlier stance on the pay and perks of ECDE teachers in response to a request from county governments.”

SRC further stated that it’s now assessing the pay for all public employees, including ECDE teachers, as part of the third pay review cycle, which is due by June 2023.

As per SRC, it would continue to interact with stakeholders and provide feedback as needed on the issue “in line with our mandate of setting, reviewing, and advising on the salary and benefits in the public sector.”

Since then, the contentious plan from the SRC has been met with protests by the Kenya Union of Pre-Primary Education Teachers (KUNOPPET).

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