EACC files court action to seize Ksh.78 million fraudulently obtained by former KPA employee.

A former senior employee of the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has been ordered by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to pay the government Ksh. 78,161,858 that he illegally acquired while employed by the authority. The EACC has filed a petition with the High Court in Mombasa to obtain the orders.

According to a statement made by EACC, Antony Muhanji obtained a contract for excavation and concrete work at KPA through the use of his own company Mukitek Investment Limited.

This was uncovered after EACC opened an investigation after receiving a complaint about fraudulently obtained monies from KPA at its regional office in Mombasa.

Following the investigation, EACC learned that Muhanji, who served as the project manager, oversaw the excavation and that the tender was obtained using false documents.

In the wake of this, EACC promptly froze Ksh. 52,191,704 given to Muhanji, awaiting the conclusion of investigations.

Part of the statement states, “The goal was to assure that any forfeiture and reinstitution orders made by the Court will not be in vain in the event that the Commission wins the recovery litigation.”

Then, on Monday, EACC filed a lawsuit, claiming that the Ksh. 78M was a proceeds of crime and should be given to the government.

The lawsuit also demanded that the government get a forfeiture of the frozen funds.

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