DP Gachagua challenges Kenyans in Angola to seize the opportunities

Kenyans living in Angola have been urged by the country’s vice president to seize the untapped economic prospects.

Angola, which heavily depends on food imports from other continents, presents an opportunity because of its proximity to Kenya, according to Mr. Gachagua, who was speaking to Kenyans living in Angola on the sidelines of the 10th Summit of the African Caribbean and Pacific States (OACS) on Thursday night in the country’s capital Luanda.

“Food from Brazil is served here. You need to think creatively. The DP suggested that we investigate these prospective business options.

Farmers in Kenya deal with low prices and exploitation by brokers and middlemen as a result of the glut of agricultural products, such as vegetables, on the market.

The Deputy President stated that the Ruto Administration will assign overseas missions to hunt for economic opportunities for Kenyans while they are marketing the nation.

“Our diplomacy will be based at least in part on the nation’s financial interests. A two-year agreement of understanding with projected outcomes will be signed (with ambassadors). To expand our commercial potential, the ambassadors will need to hunt new markets, he said.

The Kenyans expressed worry during the interactive evening session on the recent suspension of Kenya Airways’ direct flights from Nairobi to Luanda. Direct flights, according to them, might speed up the delivery of agricultural goods.

Gachagua acknowledged this difficulty and declared that the government was dedicated to opening the route in order to facilitate business.

The DP also urged Kenyans to make investments in their own country, pointing out that favorable conditions are being created by the government.

“Build wealth; make house investments. For the purpose of managing and coordinating investments, we have established a whole department of diaspora (inside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). For this reason and to cooperate with us back home, we are thinking of assigning a trade attaché to each mission, the official said.

On the other side, he claimed that the government anticipates ambassadors to defend Kenyans from exploitation when they are abroad. He cited the need to protect Kenyans working abroad from all types of exploitation and mistreatment as an example.

The DP stated that the government will make an effort to address the challenges expressed by the Kenyans in Angola over visa and passport renewal requirements.

He was also concerned that cartels in other nations were rebranding some Kenyan goods, depriving the farmers of the highest possible pricing. He said that while streamlining the market to help the Kenyan brand stand out and command a higher price, the government will engage with farmers to guarantee value addition is done for all final products.

Additionally, Mr. Gachagua urged them to enlist the aid of more fellow Kenyans wherever they find employment.

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