Doctors from Uganda kneel before Museveni and implore him to run for presidency in 2026.

Members of the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) in Uganda have bowed down before President Yoweri Museveni and urged him to run for office in 2026.

In a video, the health professionals can be seen kneeling before the president’s dais at what looks to be a social event under the direction of their president, Dr. Samuel Odong Oledo.

“Your Excellency, I’m grateful. You have encouraged us (medical practitioners). We determine that you are capable and bow before you. We determined that you possess the capacity. You already have everything you need, Dr. Oledo reminded the long-serving Head of State, according to the local daily The Monitor, who is speaking in Luganda.

“Help us, compete once more in 2026, and lead us forward as you safeguard our future. Uganda needs to get to where God wants it to be.

This allegedly occurred on Saturday at the Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala during the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Youth Patriotism Symposium.

Museveni, 78, has held the position of power since he used guerilla tactics to seize it in 1986.

However, since making the comments, Dr. Oledo has faced harsh criticism, and some UMA members have even called for his resignation.

Oledo made the remarks in his individual capacity and not on behalf of the UMA, according to the association’s secretary general, Herbert Luswata, and vice president Edith Nakku-Jolaba.

In a joint statement, Nakku-Jolaba and Luswata stated that UMA “is nonpartisan and consequently, does not participate in political activities of a partisan character.” They added that “the act of kneeling by Dr. Oledo and the team doesn’t represent the Modus Operandi of the Association.”

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