‘DIDA’ Africa’s Biggest Female Tusker Is Dead

Dida, the biggest female tusker in Africa, has passed away, according to the Kenya Wildlife Service.

The news was made by KWS on Tuesday as they grieved the renowned tourist attraction that had called Tsavo East National Park home for almost 70 years.

According to legend, Dida passed away from old age.
Matriarch has taken a break. We are grieved by Dida’s passing; she was a matriarch living in KWSTsavoEastNational Park and may have been the largest female tusker in Africa. She had a full life until roughly 60 or 65 years old before passing away naturally from old age, according to KWS.

“Dida was a magnificent reservoir of many decades’ worth of information and a genuinely iconic matriarch of Tsavo.”

In the numerous years that Dida traveled through that region of the Savannah, KWS praised her as a “excellent leader” of her herd.

“She cared for her herd through various seasons and trying times. She was the focus of several documentaries and a well-known tourist destination, according to KWS.

“Others who had the incredible pleasure of meeting her in person as well as those who only knew her through photographs and videos will recall her. Do not worry, Dida.

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