Diana Marua urges Bahati to undergo vasectomy

Diana Marua has urged her husband, Kevin Bahati Kioko to undergo a vasectomy as a precaution against future unwanted pregnancies.

In an interview, Diana explained that her husband should embrace vasectomy as a sacrifice for his already large family.

The rapper, who is currently expecting her third child said she has no intention of getting more children. 

“Bahati should go and do a vasectomy because at this point that is the only sacrifice he is supposed to do for me. I have given him three children, so it’s up to him to consider vasectomy because for me I’m not getting more children. It’s a wrap. I have five children already,” Diana said.

Marua made the appeal after revealing that her current pregnancy was unplanned and that she had an emotional and mental breakdown after discovering she was expectant. 

“I keep on saying this pregnancy was not planned, we didn’t sit down and say we’re looking for another baby. For Heaven and Majesty, the pregnancy was planned but for this one things backfired. So it was a moment for me to accept that this is what has happened and when I am comfortable I can now share with the public,” Diana Marua said. 

“I was not prepared and that is my honest truth. When I discovered I was pregnant I had a mental breakdown and I remember it was a period when I was somehow sick and all sorts of emotions running,” she added. 

The couple announced their third pregnancy on July 15, accompanied by a release of a new song. 

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