DCI Uncovers The Person Who Received Photos Of Dead Bodies From SSU Group

On Sunday, fresh claims were brought before DCI Director Hon. Robert Muller that the disbanded SSU group had been passing pictures of deceased persons to their superiors, including but not limited to security officers. Mohamed Amin Ibrahim is in a precarious situation as a result of these accusations.

Hon. Amin intends to target senior security people, according to a report published on Sunday in the mainstream media. According to forensic evidence, senior members and Whatsapp groups inside the Security Circles allegedly traded photos of three dead victims, thought to be the two missing Indians and one Kenyan driver. However, it’s unclear whether Hon. Amin has promised to comply with the demand.

When detectives came across two forensic photos of the three men taken while they were still alive and taken only moments before their bodies were discovered abandoned in what appeared to be a forest, the case was finally solved. Forensic data gathered by the Police Internal Affairs Unit verified the photographs. It was determined that case investigators had discovered the pictures.

IAU detectives looking into a series of unexplained disappearances have just just acquired these images as proof.
The investigation’s findings indicate that one of the officers’ phones was used to take the images and videos. One of many unsettling details is the stunning discovery that the bodies were photographed in their entirety. The investigators have stated that the new material may result in the arrest of additional police officers.

“We must uncover how the photographs of these (missing) persons and the images of the bodies in a forest came to be in these officers’ phones,” said a member of the investigative team.

Authorities are starting to believe, according to recent sources, that senior security establishment figures may have given their approval for the kidnappings. This is because it has been claimed that a small number of senior police officers were also given access to the images.

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