DCI Releases Photos of Woman Suspected in the Death of Nairobi Hospital Finance Director Eric Maigo

Wanted woman for the murder of Eric Maigo, Nairobi Hospital Finance Director [Photo | Courtesy]

Images of a lady thought to have been involved in the violent murder of Eric Maigo, the acting finance director of Nairobi Hospital, who was stabbed 25 times on the morning of Friday, September 15, 2023, have been made public by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

The unidentified woman can be seen on CCTV footage trying to scale the perimeter wall of the victim’s home in Woodley Annex-Upper in order to flee.

Investigations have shown, according to the DCI, that the woman departed the residence through the backdoor following the cold-blooded killing.

The DCI is currently pleading with the public to come forward with any information that can assist in identifying the culprit.

In relation to the grisly murder, just one person has been detained thus far. The suspect, known as Cynthia Lusega Andalo, was detained by police for five days while they conducted their investigation after she was picked up and arraigned on Monday afternoon under a miscellaneous application.

She and the primary suspect were together earlier on the night of Maigo’s murder in his Woodley home, which prompted investigators to assume she may have knowledge of or worked with him.

Furthermore, it was proven that Maigo’s murderer used two kitchen knives in the bedroom assault.

According to phone records and an analysis of CCTV footage from last Thursday, Maigo was spotted at a well-liked entertainment venue that had just recently opened along Ngong Road. He met three women there, including Andalo.

Police went to the club as part of their efforts to track down everyone who ran into him there. At that point, they discovered Andalo. Detectives believe the main suspect is among the two individuals, who the cops have not yet identified.

According to an examination of Maigo’s cell phone, he paid money to several individuals on Thursday before he passed away. Andalo was one of the recipients of the transactions, receiving Ksh. 650 from Maigo.

The woman who is thought to be the primary suspect is then seen leaving with Maigo, according to the police. According to phone data, they later visited another entertainment venue on Kilimani Road before returning home at about quarter after ten o’clock.

Similar sets of fingerprints were found on two kitchen knives that were found adjacent to Maigo’s body, indicating that the murderer used two knives. However, detectives have not yet determined whether she stabbed him with both knives at once or one after the other.

Detectives are more likely to believe that Maigo was the victim of a crime of passion than a violent killer because nothing was taken from his home and he had 25 stab wounds to his chest, neck, and face.

He had no obvious signs of self-defense injuries, therefore samples were taken from the body for additional examination and toxicology tests to determine whether he had been poisoned prior to the murder.

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