DCI Arrest Woman Suspected of Being Responsible for Baby Sagini’s Eye Gouging.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have detained a 60-year-old lady who is thought to have been responsible for Junior Sagini’s kidnapping and eye-gouging in Kisii.

After allegedly fleeing the heartbreaking tragedy, Pacificah Nyakirario was apprehended in Nairobi and then quickly escorted to Kisii.

The victim’s aunt, Nyakirario, is being detained at the Kisii Police Station pending arraignment. She is the mother of Alex Maina Ochogo, who was detained on Sunday, December 18, in the evening in connection with the assault on the young kid.

According to investigators, the 28-year-old guy planned to attack the infant and have his eyes removed as part of an odd ritual with his mother Nyakirario.

Ochogo was detained by the prosecution for five days while the incident was being investigated. After going missing on December 14 and being discovered the following day covered in blood and writhing in anguish, Sagini had had his eyes removed by his captors.

He was brought to the Kisii Eye Care facility, where he is now recovering. Sadly, medical professionals determined that the young angel, who was attacked while gathering water from a nearby river, will be legally blind for the rest of his life.

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