CS Mutua: Kenyans Are Brewing Chang’aa In The Middle East.

Dr. Alfred Mutua, the cabinet secretary for foreign affairs, revealed that some Kenyans residing abroad make illegal alcohol for a living in several Middle Eastern nations where even drinking alcohol is forbidden.

On a local show on Wednesday, Dr. Mutua spoke about how certain people engage in illicit activities that have led to some of the hardships of diaspora nationals, particularly in the Gulf, while praising Kenyans for their inventiveness in business-related subjects.

He mentioned how certain nations, including Qatar, have anti-alcohol norms and claimed that Kenyans involved in the illegal brewing industry had found themselves deported after breaking foreign law.

In addition to weakening the Kenyan passport and impeding the government’s efforts to address concerns of welfare for its nationals overseas, CS Mutua underlined the effects of such conduct in the Gulf.

Therefore, the CS warned Kenyans living abroad from engaging in illegal trade, stating that President William Ruto’s administration will be eager to pursue any lawbreakers.

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