CS Murkomen: Government To Digitize Data On All Roads For Simple Monitoring

Kipchumba Murkomen, the cabinet secretary for transportation and roads, has made hints that the administration of President William Ruto intends to digitize data on all of the nation’s roadways.

According to Murkomen, his ministry is considering storing information about road projects digitally to ensure that contractors and the status of their work are closely monitored.

The CS claims that the action will be crucial in ensuring that the public holds the various contractors, ministry officials, and the government accountable.

In an interview with Citizen TV’s JKLive Show on Wednesday night, Murkomen stated, “We want to digitize the information about all the roads so that we know this contractor is in this road, this other is maintaining this road…we will also know the status of each road.”

“If we do that, at the push of a button, at my office or the offices of the agencies or any person who wants access, we should be able to know road x to y was last maintained at this specific period, the contractor was so and so, and then if we have an issue raised by the people of Kenya or oversight entities, we will know this is the contractor who is not doing a good job.”

The former Elgeyo Marakwet senator affirms that digitizing data on the nation’s infrastructure will make it simpler to identify various projects across the entire country.

Murkomen further notes that in order to avoid future road reconstruction, which would necessitate additional government spending, his leadership frequently contemplates retaining the current highways.

He stated, “My theory is that maintenance resources have been there, but the issue is that they have not been used to maintain.

“We repair when the road has already deteriorated… In our nation, maintenance costs are comparable to those of new development.

He added that the Kenya Kwanza government was determined to starting road building as soon as possible, preferably in January.

We should be able to put a sizable number of contractors back to work within the next two months, he said.

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