CS Machogu: Junior Secondary Schools to open on January 30

Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu [Photo | Courtesy]

Ezekiel Machogu, cabinet secretary for the ministry of education, revealed the start date for junior secondary schools in Kenya on Monday.

The opening day has been designated for January 30, 2023 by the CS.

Additionally, CS Machogu announced that parents and kids would be able to obtain the grade six results on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, through the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) online.

Machogu announced the Form 1 student placements for 2023 while noting that the education department is striving to address any barriers that would prevent kids from making a smooth transition from elementary to secondary school.

“Form One reporting dates are February 6–13, 2023,” Machogu stated.

A meeting with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) was also requested by Machogu in order to discuss curriculum reports and to ensure that all junior secondary school facilities were ready before the start of the academic year.

In addition, according to CS Machogu, no junior secondary school shall charge fees unless it includes boarding wings. President Ruto had also asked for KES 15,000 per student to be set aside as capitation. The government has now made it illegal for any public schools to charge day scholars any fees, he said, in keeping with its promise to provide free primary and secondary education to all students.

For junior secondary schools, the TSC is currently hiring 30,000 teachers, and PS Machogu underlined the need for more day schools to accommodate more pupils and promote parental involvement. According to him, the government has not stated that it will abolish boarding schools, but as time goes on, due to capacity constraints, it will need to grow and support more day schools.

The National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) would be used to accept pupils into junior secondary, according to CS Machogu, who also said that the Ministry of Education is awaiting the Presidential taskforce’s report on modifications to the competency-based curriculum.

At the end of March, the Presidential task force will disclose its final curriculum; a preliminary curriculum has already been made available. Prior to adopting pupils through NEMIS, principals are instructed to wait until the students show up in person at the school.

In 2023, public secondary school fees will cost KES 53,554 while county schools will cost KES 40,555.

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