CS Machogu: Grade 7 Learners Should Not Be Sent Away Because Of Uniforms.

Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu [Photo | Courtesy]

On Monday, January 30, 2023, children entering grade 7 at junior secondary schools reported to various educational facilities.

Some students wearing old school clothes from primary schools and others wearing new clothes were among the first cohort of Junior Secondary students to enroll.

An earlier spot check revealed that many parents were unsure of the required school uniforms for their children to wear and the locations where they could purchase them.

Ezekiel Machogu, the cabinet secretary for education, has already made it clear that parents would be free to purchase school uniforms from their chosen retailers as soon as their respective schools inform them of the color and style.

The CS added that because the government pays capitation for each student, JSS education is free in all public schools.

The textbooks that seventh-grade students will be using present another conundrum for JSS parents.

The Education Ministry started a distribution program for textbooks and instructor manuals for grade 7 last week.

By February 17, these resources will be publicly available to all public educational institutions, according to Machogu. Private schools will, however, need to buy books for their students.

The ministry claims that in response to the lack of infrastructure in schools, it has asked Members of Parliament to build laboratories using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

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