CS Kindiki: Kenyans In Border Counties To Receive IDs In 3 Weeks.

Interior CS Prof. Kithure Kindiki. [Photo | Courtesy]

Prof. Kithure Kindiki, the interior cabinet secretary, urges the Registrar of Persons to expedite the screening and issuing of identification cards for residents of border communities.

After the vetting panel’s approval, according to Prof. Kindiki, the IDs should be processed and issued to applicants in less than 21 days.

On the third day of his two-day tour to Northern Kenya, the Interior CS paid a security visit to the Moyale area of Marsabit County and pledged to fight the drug and human trafficking problem that has long been fostered by cartels along the Kenya-Ethiopia border.

Young people often have to wait for years on end for identification cards, according to the elected officials and members of the local community who were present.

Kindiki declared that the protracted wait that has plagued people in North Eastern, Western, and Coastal Kenya must finally cease.

Therefore, the CS ordered the Registrar of Persons department’s vetting committees to expedite the screening and approval procedure within 21 days.

The CS stated that he will reorganize the security of the area to concentrate more on transnational crime given that the drug and people trafficking problems are still an issue and that culprits use Moyale as their primary entrance point into the nation.

The CS pledged to send extra security personnel to Marsabit County in order to fight livestock rustlers and highway robbers, who have killed numerous locals.

In order to speed up processing, he also ordered that more customs and immigration agents be stationed at the Moyale one-stop border point during the course of the next week.

The head of interior remarked that the border point’s complete operationalization will go a long way toward securing the numerous unlawful pathways utilized by shady businessmen to escape taxes.

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