CS Jumwa: Government Affirms Commitment To End FGM.

Aisha Jumwa, the cabinet secretary for gender, public affairs, and citizen services, has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to putting an end to FGM in the nation.

Speaking at the International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM in Ntimaru, Migori County, Jumwa pledged that the government would see to it that the laws outlawing FGM were strictly implemented, protecting girls and women to the fullest extent possible.

The CS claims that the most recent data from the Kenya Demographics Health Indicator Survey 2022 shows that 90% of Kenyans are aware of FGM and its effects. As a result, those who continue to support it are doing it on purpose, and the government must now deal with them.

She continued by saying that the government would raise financing for the Anti-FGM board in order to intensify the conflict.

Jumwa urged the men to show up and support the campaign against FGM.

Over 600 girls have reportedly been rescued from FGM in Migori, according to a report from security personnel.

Additionally, the police were able to bring 40 FGM-related cases to court, 10 of which were successfully resolved.

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