Court orders an inquiry into Jeff Mwathi’s death.

Jeff Mwathi passed away in February of this year at DJ Faxto’s house; an inquest into his death will now take place on August 10.

The subject was examined before magistrate Zainab Abdul on Thursday, and she gave the investigating officer the go-ahead to provide the parties concerned access to the materials he will use in the inquest.

The death of Mwathi will be examined by at least 35 witnesses.

The late Mwathi’s mother, Anne Mwathi, told the media while she was present in court on Thursday that her family has been in excruciating pain ever since Mwathi passed away.

She addressed the media, “We have cried, we have suffered, but tunaamini kuna mungu mbinguni.”

“What I’d like to see is action from the government against anyone who may be found guilty,”

As of right now, DJ Fatxo, whose residence Mwathi is claimed to have died in, has been exonerated because there is no proof connecting him to the death.

Upon learning that the deceased interior designer passed away following a night of partying, the incident caused public outcry.

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