Court gives Mugo Wairimu a 29-year prison sentence.

After being found guilty of operating an unlawful clinic and drugging clients, quack doctor Mugo wa Wairimu was given a sentence of 29 years and 6 months in prison.

According to Magistrate Wendy Muchemi, Mugo is a risk to society and ought to be excluded for a long time.

The judge declared, “He is a risk to society. Instead of using the information he claims to have obtained to better society, he went ahead and pretended to be a gynecologist and gave women medications.”

She said that Mugo chose to utilize his University of Nairobi-educated credentials to dispense medications improperly in order to have sex with patients.

He was found to be operating an unlicensed clinic called Prestige Hospital next to a pharmacy.

According to a witness in the case, Wairimu administered medicines to one of his patients, who later fell unconscious and discovered she was missing her pants when she awoke.

Mugo requested the court’s leniency during his Monday mitigation speech because he still wishes to help people.

I tell you that I have learned my lesson, and I beg you to impose a light sentence so I can rejoin my family and continue to serve Kenyans as a law-abiding citizen.

“My parents, who are both over 80 years old, skipped meals in order to provide their son a bright future. They experience trauma every day they see their son on TV. Since I have been in captivity, they have not known tranquility “Added he.

Mugo has spent four years behind bars.

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