Corazon Kwamboka Flaunts Her New House

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has unveiled her new house. The mother of two gave a tour of what the new house looked like, and from the video shared on her Instagram stories, it appeared to be spacious.

The house video showed a large sitting room with a dining area. A walk-in closet on both sides of the wall in front of her bedroom gave her greater space inside. Her kitchen features built-in cupboards and cooking equipment, as well as a smooth bar to keep stuff she’s taking to the living room.

“I’m really a restless person lol, I can’t stay in one house for too long but here I think minimum 3 years.”she captioned.

Corazon Kwamboka had made it known that she intended to leave her current home and begin a new life somewhere.

The fitness enthusiast revealed her plans on Instagram, saying she was looking for a home and requesting contact from anyone with leads.

“House hunting…. So excited for a new start,” she wrote.

A curious follower questioned why the CEO of Genio Sportswear would want to relocate and begin paying rent elsewhere since she had previously disclosed that she owned the home she shared with her children.

Corazon replied that she had every right to wish to change her surroundings and could instead rent out or use the home as an Airbnb.

“Washaanza. So if I bought a home must I die there? I can’t rent it or Airbnb it to change the environment?” she responded.

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