Class Eight and Grade Six National Exams Commence Today

On Monday, November 28, more than 2.5m candidates in elementary schools all around Kenya started their class eight and grade six examinations.

For three days, the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) and Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams will be conducted.

According to the new Competency Based Curriculum, 1,244, 188 of the 2, 531, 785 candidates will take the KCPE examinations, while 1,287,597 will be the first group to take the KPSEA exams (CBC).

Several exam centers are ready to start the tests, according to a spot check by Citizen Digital on Monday morning. Candidates and teachers have expressed confidence in the process.

To oversee the exercise, representatives from the Cabinet Secretaries and the Ministry of Education were dispersed throughout the several centers.

Candidates for the class 8 will take exams in mathematics, English, and composition. English and Mathematics tests will be administered to their sixth-grade peers.

Education officials are figuring out how to make it possible for students living in unstable or flood-prone locations to take exams.

Students from five schools in Baringo South, which has recently seen widespread insecurity, have combined to take their exams at the Chemorongoin School after their schools were vandalized.

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