Charlene Ruto: I’ve Shopped At Gikomba Many Times

Charlene Ruto, daughter of President William Ruto, claims to have frequented the well-known Gikomba secondhand clothing market in Nairobi.

The idea among Kenyans, according to Ms. Ruto, that she is disconnected from everyday Kenyan life because she is the president’s daughter, was dispelled in an interview she gave to YouTuber Eve Mungai on Saturday.

“I have firsthand knowledge of the struggles that Kenyan kids face under various conditions, mimi ni mtu niko kwa ground. Even if my father is the president, my buddies and I have known it the whole time. I have even made numerous trips to Gikomba for shopping, the woman admitted.

She was addressing skeptics who viewed some of her public declarations, such as her claim that she sold smokes to generate money while a college student, as vain attempts to connect with common Kenyans.

Charlene contested the narrative and said that she managed the business with two of her school pals with whom she shared a hostel while referring to herself as “the chief hustler’s” daughter who learnt to hustle by witnessing her father do it.

She claimed, “My friends and classmates with whom I used to share a dorm know. It’s a genuine story.

“I had two roommates, and together, we came up with the company concept after observing how much people adored smokie-kachumbari. So, together with my roommates Sylvia and Nyokabi, we pooled our resources and began doing it for approximately a year before diversifying into other ventures.

The Head of State’s daughter explained that she has learned to ignore remarks from complete strangers and stand by her truth in order to deal with the harsh abuse she receives online.

“I don’t let some things easily break my heart since the individuals who criticize me on social media would want a picture if we ever met in person. I am also aware that each person is entitled to their own unique viewpoint. Even though some people think I’m lying or doing it for power, I know in my heart what I’m doing, Ms. Ruto said.

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