Charlene Ruto defends Office of First Daughter

After receiving strong criticism on Twitter, President William Ruto’s second-born Charlene has defended the Office of the First Daughter.

The office is a “private business,” according to a statement released by Charlene on Wednesday. It is not a constitutional post, and neither is it supported by Kenyan tax dollars.

She asserted that the office only functions to support whatever programs she may be running.

In order to give Kenyan youth a voice and access to opportunities that would permit sustainable lives, the Office of the First Daughter has always behaved in good faith, according to Charlene.

After an undated video recording of Charlene presenting members of her team at a gathering and referring to her office as the Office of the First Daughter surfaced online, Charlene started trending on Twitter on Tuesday.

Most of the internet discussion centered on the subject of Charlene’s involvement in politics and in what capacity.

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