Catherine Kasavuli: Life And Times Of The Veteran News Anchor.

Veteran TV reporter Catherine Kasavuli has passed away.

After a protracted fight with cancer, Kasavuli, 60, passed away at Kenyatta National Hospital early on Friday morning.

The well-known media figure, who was born in 1962 in Nairobi West, began her career as a continuity announcer at the Voice of Kenya (VOK) in 1980 before giving birth to her first child, Martin Kasavuli, in 1981.

Kasavuli studied in the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) in 1982, where she honed her journalism abilities before landing a job as an anchor at KTN in 1990.

As a news anchor and corporate affairs manager, Kasavuli joined Royal Media Services (RSM) in 2007 following a fruitful tenure at KTN.

The now-deceased President Mwai Kibaki honored Kasavuli with the Order of the Grand Warrior(OGW) Presidential Award in 2008.

Kasavuli established Kasavuli Media Group, an independent media organization, in 2015.

After a 7-year sabbatical, Kasavuli rejoined KBC as an anchor in 2021.

In the company of her close friends and family, the deceased, who was renowned for her elegance and wonderful journalistic wordplay, died on Friday.

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