Busia: SEX workers now reusing condoms following shortage

In order to satisfy their clients’ sexual requirements, commercial sex workers in Busia have admitted to washing and reusing condoms.

Male and female condoms are in low supply in the country, according to one of the sex workers who spoke to the media, and the few that are accessible are from Uganda.

“Our lives are in danger, so we are asking with the government to give condoms to Busia,” she stated.

Other citizens warned that if the government doesn’t act, they might become pregnant without intending to.

The lack of condoms was attributed to a decrease in international donor money, according to Janerose Ambuchi, the director of medical services in Busia County, who claimed that her office was unaware of the recycling of contraceptives in the region.

She stated: “I haven’t seen it on my desk, but if it’s happening, it shouldn’t be permitted to continue since the condom’s integrity will be compromised. This generation will be put in risk by the second and third uses brought on by a lack of condoms.

“The county (Busia) is dealing with a severe condom shortage, which is a county-wide issue. It’s a widespread issue. This product is supported by donations and is based on a global fund. Donor financing has decreased currently.

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