Bungoma: Man on the run after being caught having s3x with a cow

Police in Bungoma are looking for a man after he was seen having sex with a cow while it was grazing. A local villager saw the man in the act and reported it to Christine Nangekhe, the chief of the area.

The man was caught in the act with the cow on a nearby farm, shocking the locals of Bukusu village in the Kibabi area of Bungoma County.

The man was discovered with his pants down and managed to flee, according to Chief Christine Nangekhe. The cow’s owner, Christine Wekesa, claimed that her animal was injured as a result of being made to partake in the act despite the fact that she had left it in fine condition the morning before it was milked.

The locals there have outspokenly denounced the conduct, arguing that by the practices and traditions of the Bukusu tribe, the cow should not have been subjected to it.

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