Bomet: Man Sodomized in a Bar Washroom

File photo of a police officer at a previous crime scene. [Photo | Courtesy]

In the Mosonik village in Kyogong location, Chepalungu constituency, police in Bomet have launched a manhunt for a suspect who is suspected of sodomizing a drunk man after locking him up in his home for more than 10 hours.

In a statement released by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Wednesday, the suspect, named only as Silas, is alleged to have confronted a guy who had left a neighborhood tavern where he and his pals were having a good time to attend to a nature call.

Silas allegedly approached the 33-year-old victim and brought him to his residence nearby after waiting for the victim to stumble back into the bar.

The suspect approached the victim as he stumbled back to the neighborhood business and instead led him to his house, which was about 200 meters away, according to DCI’s tweet.

The victim tried to yell an alert, but his yells were drowned out by the pub’s loud music.

“Efforts by the victim to raise alarm as he was led by Silas to his quarters were futile,” added DCI. “His incoherent shouts were drowned out by the loud stereo in the pub playing local popular hit song ‘Gloria’ as the other equally inebriated revelers mumbled and danced along.”

The victim was allegedly held captive by the suspect until Tuesday afternoon, when a bystander heard noises emanating from the residence and rushed to the victim’s rescue.

Following that, the sufferer was taken urgently to Longisa county and referral hospital for treatment and to undergo the necessary tests.

The culprit, who is still at large, is being sought after as of now.

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