Bomet: Man Arrested Cooking Dog Meat.

An undated image of cooking pot with dogmeat [Photo | Courtesy].

In a peculiar occurrence that has surprised locals, officers in Mulot, Bomet County, are currently holding a middle-aged man who was caught frying dog meat by the Amalo River.

Young boys who were herding were drawn to the man by the fragrance of the meat coming from a bushy thicket along the river, according to Kiplabotwo area Chief Stanley Towett.

They arrived on the site quickly and discovered the culprit, known locally as Juma, having killed a dog and set aside some cooked portions for consumption.

Members of the Nyumba Kumi, according to Mr. Towett, were able to save the suspect from unruly kids who were clamoring for his blood.

With a cooked ugali, some of the cooking utensils, and some of the shredded dog’s parts, he was frogmarched to Mulot Police Station, where he is currently being imprisoned.

The culprit acknowledged that he had been selling his meals to neighborhood eateries at Mulot sunsets and on some of the trading center’s streets.

The local chief has prohibited the nighttime sale of sausages and samosas in the Mulot sunset area as a result of the event.

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