Bomet: 22-Year-Old Man Throws His Father Into 20-Feet Deep Pit After A Disagreement.

A file image of a well. [Photo | Courtesy].

After a land dispute in Emitiot village, Bomet County, a 60-year-old man was thrown into a 20-foot-deep pit by his 22-year-old son and is now receiving treatment at Longisa County Referral Hospital.

Samuel Tanui, the victim, spent the first two days in the pit undetected. On the third day, he was able to make a loud commotion after overhearing sounds of people a few meters away from the pit, drawing them to his aid.

When neighbors came together, the elderly man was saved and taken to the hospital while still having some injuries on his back.

Charles Kiplangat Rotich, the suspect, was apprehended after arriving home late one night believing his father had passed away, according to Emitiot sub-location assistant chief Leny Ngeno.

As soon as he entered the compound, Longisa police officers pounced on him, and he is now being held at the Longisa police station.

According to reports, he committed the crime because his father wouldn’t let him sell a plot of their land.

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