Body Trapped At Abimbo Mines Finally Retrieved After 7 Months

Okwach’s body had been trapped inside the mine for seven months

The body of Tom Okwach, one of the Abimbo mine’s victims has finally been retrieved after getting trapped in the mines for seven months.

According to reports, the body of Okwach was retrieved after intensified frantic efforts by the villagers and friends.

The victim was among the ten people trapped inside when the Abimbo mine in Siaya county caved in on December 2, 2021.

Eight people were, however, rescued alive with one victim dying from the incident. Okwach became the second victim of the unfortunate incident.

The site that was at first, full of government vehicles, villagers, and government officials was left with a few police officers and villagers, after weeks of unfruitful retrievals.

However, the Okwach family had been camping at the site from December 2 while seeking help in finding their son’s remains.

Workers at the ill-fated mine had estimated that Okwatch’s body was buried 15 feet underneath the earth.

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