Bilharzia Outbreak Reported In Kisumu.

The bilharzia outbreak at two beaches around Lake Victoria in the Nyando sub-county has officially been confirmed by the Kisumu County Government department of health.
Twenty people from the contaminated Singida and Ogenya beaches, according to Health CEC Dr. Gregory Ganda, have already started receiving treatment.

According to him, the agency started conducting medical tests after receiving complaints from residents of the two villages about their passing blood in their stool and urine, as well as their having enlarged abdomens, weak bodies, and difficulty when passing pee.

As per Dr. Ganda, samples were taken from the affected people for investigation, and the results of the lab work revealed traces of Schistosomiasis.

He says that everyone who was afflicted has now started receiving treatment and that there is now an active case search going on for others who fit the case definition.

Dr. Ganda claims in a news release that community health professionals have started going door to door to residences in search of family members who may be exhibiting similar symptoms.

He has reassured the community that the county has enough schistosomiasis medication on hand for individuals who may require treatment.

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