Babu Owino Picks up Fight With Flying Squad


Just hours after ailing Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino, shared a worrying photo of himself about to undergo advanced medical tests, the vocal legislator appears to be firmly back on his feet, with his sights now set on the infamous Flying Squad.

Owino, whose official name is Paul Ongiri, joined fellow lawmakers in castigating the police unit, for being influenced to engage in petty intimidation acts towards politicians, while its mandate lies in dealing with perpetrators of serious crimes.

Speaking to the press Tuesday, Owino jumped to the defence of former Tetu MP Ndung’u Gethenji, who has so far been arrested twice by the Musa Yego led unit, over an issue as insignificant as a family property tussle.

“The job description of the Flying squad is serious crimes. What is their interest in private developments, property and civil matters?” Owino ranted.

Further airing his sentiments on social media, the former student unionist noted that in both dramatic arrests, no formal complaint had been lodged with the police, but the Flying Squad, nevertheless, went beyond its jurisdiction to try and scare Gethenji into surrendering his rightful property.

“We Demand the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Government Mr Fred Matiangi make a statement on this issue, and to immediately disband the flying squad and interdict Musa Yego…And all officers involved in the harassment of innocent business people including Hon Ndung’u Gethenji,” the fiery MP stated.

He further wondered why other top police bosses, including the Inspector General of Police and the head of the DCI, were oblivious of this worrying misuse of the dreaded police Squad by influential business people.

“If a respected businessman and former Chairman of Defence and Foreign Relations Committee can be illegally arrested and harassed by the Police, what is the hope for the normal citizen?” Owino posed.

He went ahead to list popular businessman Dhiren Chandaria, among several others, as the major culprits of using Flying Squad officers as hired goons, to force rightful property owners to give up their parcels of land.

“The institutions of this country cannot be corrupted to persecute indigenous business people at the behest of foreigners,” Owino sensationally concluded.


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