Azimio Accused Of sabotaging bipartisan negotiations

The Azimio counterpart has been charged by the Kenyan Kwanza bipartisan discussions team with placing unneeded barriers in the way of productive negotiations.

Azimio, according to the group headed by George Murugara, is allegedly looking for reasons to call off the negotiations.

According to Murugara, there are important matters that can’t be put off for too long, including the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission.

Murugara announced that he will write to his co chair Otiende Amollo, whom he claimed of abruptly stopping the negotiations.

Before the talks continue in time for Tuesday’s Azimio deadline, Murugara says he will invite his co-chair to a meeting to resolve any unresolved concerns.

Concerned that the committee would exhaust its time before reaching a decision, Murugara said that they have a clause in their agreement that allows them to extend the period if necessary.

The truth is that when we halt the conversation, time also halts, giving us some additional time to complete our objectives.

On Tuesday, Azimio called a halt to the negotiations and withdrew to review their principles after accusing their colleagues of being uneasy.

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