As eviction nears, 11 Families Living In A Cave Requests help

Over a hundred children from eleven families from Kposiro, Mt. Elgon, who have been told to leave the caverns where they have been living for the past three years, are now asking for help.

The Caves Chairman, Jacob Chesutek, claims that some of the families were evicted by the 2007 post-election unrest in Mt. Elgon.

Although efforts have been made to rehouse the family, some have been excluded from the Chepyuk Phase 3 resettlement plan.

There were 7,330 people who qualified for 2.5 acres apiece, but Chepyuk near Mount Elgon could only hold 1,732 people, according to government data.

Although Trans-Nzoia County received 265 relocations, almost 5,000 individuals were never resettled and were left landless because the bulk of them could not acquire the required 50,000 shillings.

Through the “Shamba System,” the government began supporting landless families to cultivate within Mt. Elgon Forest in Chebombai, Kapkwes, Chesokwo, and Banatenga, among other regions.

Kenya Forest Reservist officials removed the 5,000 households on April 20, 2020.

They lost most of their possessions, including farm produce. Because they couldn’t afford rent or food, many who were evicted had no alternative but to relocate to caverns in the Chesokwo area.

Those who were lucky enough were able to blend with relatives in adjacent places.

Around 11 families are currently residing in the caves in appalling conditions, with no access to sanitary facilities or clean water, let alone adequate protection from the elements and security.

Twenty-two kids have currently been born in the cave. One of them is a 13-year-old girl who had to drop out of school because she was forced to become gregnant after working for someone in the area.

Families have voiced complaints about the nighttime cold, which has an adverse effect on young children, as well as the unease that has caused them to alternately wake up and sleep.

A human rights advocate named Richard Masinde has been monitoring the issue and has run into several difficulties while trying to get justice for the aforementioned families.

Families who claim to have overwhelmingly supported the current administration now want President Ruto to address their situation and put a stop to their misery.

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