Arshad Sharif, Pakistani journalist who was killed in Kenya; here are 8 unanswered questions.

The Kenyan police’s murder of renowned Pakistani investigative journalist Arshad Sharif has raised a number of issues, most of which center on the murder’s undetermined reason.

Was the journalist who was killed a strong critic of the Pakistani administration or was it a case of mistaken identity?

The late Pakistani journalist was believed to frequently visit Kwenia Farm in Kajiado County, which is 40 kilometers off of Magadi Road.

The farm’s employees claim that on that fatal day, in the evening of October 23, Sharif departed Kwenia Farm with his brother Khuraam Ahmed.

However, their return to Nairobi was halted when a barrage of gunshots pelted their car, killing the esteemed Pakistani journalist.

At first light, a police statement acknowledged that a police officer had fatally shot the well-known Pakistani broadcaster in what it said was an identification mistake.

The 50-year-old was driving a car with the license plate KDG 200M when the accident happened. 

The car was transported to Kajiado County’s Kiserian Police Station.

However, the assassination of the journalist and the Pakistani national sparked a flurry of inquiries.

Did the occupants resist the police’s commands when they tried to halt the car?

Why did the cops start firing when the people inside weren’t doing so?

  • Why didn’t the cops use deadly force to stop the car instead of shooting its tires?
  • Why didn’t the cops shoot the driver instead of the passenger?
  • Why did the cops start shooting while there was purportedly a youngster inside the car that had allegedly been carjacked?
  • What led to the identification mistake if the car was a regular sight on that road?
  • How were a KDG 200M and a KDJ 700F mixed up by the police?
  • What color and make did the automobile that was stolen have?

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